Options for .rpt Inspector Professional Suite (for CR XI)
.rpt Inspector Professional Suite (for CR XI)
16 tools for Crystal Reports in the most powerful, integrated, and easiest suite of tools to Edit, Analyze, Document, Modify, Migrate and Convert + more :: one or many Crystal Reports at the same time!

.rpt Inspector can easily work with 1 Crystal Report at a time, but its true power is working with multiple Crystal Reports at the same time.

In seconds an in-memory cross-reference object and property index is built for each open Crystal Report. Selecting an object (i.e. Formula, Text, Section, Parameter, etc.) instantly reveals its properties (i.e. Definition Text, Color, Font, Prompting Text, Default Values, etc.). Selecting multiple objects (even across different Crystal Reports), shows you the properties they have in-common.

Reads CR 5-XI file formats and Writes CR XI file format. Other editions support CR 8.5, CR 9, CR 10.
Program details
Downloads month: 6
Company: Software Forces, LLC
Release date: 2006-02-20
Version: 3.02
License: Commercial
Price: $395
Supported OS': Windows2000 WinXP
Homepage: Visit website
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