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WindowsRescue Gamers Edition
WindowsRescue Gamers Edition (WRGE) is a versatile and powerful reinstallation tool that enables the user to reload all his games, updates, patches, settings and saved games onto a new Windows installation in a ready-to-run state. Everything, including registration keys and settings, is compressed into one file that can be restored by WRGE on any windows computer running XP or Vista. In addition to preserve all your games and related, it secures a completely virus, worms, hijacker and spyware free operating system. Its also a perfect tool for those who just bought a new computer.You have surly reinstalled Windows a few times because of oncoming slow performance due to virus infection, hijackers, spyware and for somewhat other reason. The reinstallation of Windows in its self is no problem, but the reinstalling of all your games, updates, patches and configurations is a whole different ballgame. Original CDs and registration keys are obsolete with WRGE.
Program details
Downloads month: 8
Company: Anovasoft AS
Release date: 2007-09-01
Version: 1.0.0
License: Demo
Price: $59.95
Supported OS': Windows XP, Windows Vista
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