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Visual Menu is the first fully standards compliant, client-side, DHTML menu builder. It supports all major browsers in common use, including Safari and Opera. The look of a Visual Menu is described entirely by CSS, and the content of a Visual Menu is described entirely by XML, allowing complete separation between content and presentation.

To the programmer, Visual Menu delivers unmatched power, speed of creation, assurance of bullet-proof performance, and the easy implementation of cutting edge technologies. Visual Menu supports absolute and static CSS positioning, menu element image labels, icons, arrows, checkbox and radio button menu elements, unlimited levels of sub-menus, and the use of tool tips and status bar messages. All menu images can do rollovers. Using XML and an included JavaScript to XML conversion utility, the menus created by the programmer are infinitely configurable, each element√Ęs properties definable by CSS.

For the non-programmer, an included wizard, Visual Menu Maker, enables anyone, by using a gallery of templates and graphic elements that are also included with the product, to rapidly and easily create menus that employ the richness, power, and versatility of DHTML. No programming is required.

Visual Menu is free for Sole Proprietors.
Program details
Downloads month: 7
Release date: 2004-09-30
Version: 1.1
License: Commercial
Price: $59.00
Supported OS': Win98 WinME Windows2000 WinXP Linux
Homepage: Visit website
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