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Visual Log
Do you try to find a word document that modified last week but can't remember it's file name or location?
Do you want to figure out who makes your computer crazy and what he did while you left?
Do you need to monitor a group of workstations to avoid unwanted behaviors?

Visual Log is the answer. Visual Log is an advanced windows 2000/2003/XP event logger and viewer. It real-time log the running programs, associated inputs, files and screenshots. It also can log a group of network computers and centralize the log data into one machine (server).

Much more, Instead of generating the huge and hard-to-read text-based log files, Visual Log using the unique Smart Grouping Function which creates sorted tree-structures to make it more efficient and convenient.
Program details
Downloads month: 4
Company: Softgears Company
Release date: 2003-07-30
Version: 1.10
License: Shareware
Price: $49
Supported OS': Windows2000 WinXP
Homepage: Visit website the File Extensions site!