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TIFF Image Printer
TIFF Image Printer creates high quality TIFF images from any Windows program on Windows 2000 and up, including x64 editions of Windows Vista, XP and 2003. Common conversions include, pdf to tiff, doc to tiff, excel to tiff, autocad to tiff, web to tiff, jpeg to tiff and many more.

This TIFF printer specializes in producing the exact TIFF file format you require through its extensive customizable TIFF specific properties that are not available in competing products.
In addition, the ability to launch external programs, dynamically load and call DLL entry points, or scriptable makes this virtual printer an ideal solution for application developers that are looking to automate the process of converting documents to TIFF image files.

Your TIFF image is exactly what you see. Unlike other formats, which can display differently when converted, the TIFF image is identical to the original document. TIFF files are particularly well suited for archival purposes and can be opened by a most image viewers that are readily available on your desktop or free for download from the web.

It is as Easy as 1-2-3. Start your application and open the document you wish to convert. Then print your document, but instead of selecting your standard printer, select the TIFF Image Printer. When prompted, select where to save the TIFF image file and you’re done! It's just that easy. Once converted into TIFF image files, you can share, archive them or (automatically) attach them to an email message as a virus-free attachment.

TIFF conversion is as easy as printing when you print to tiff. Free Download.
Program details
Downloads month: 0
Company: PEERNET Inc.
Release date: 2006-08-15
Version: 7.0.020
License: Commercial
Price: $123.95
Supported OS': Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
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