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Surf Inspector Home edition
Surf Inspector is a slimware monitoring tool for parents who are concerned about what their children are doing online while they are at work. Being transparent for the OS, it records online surfing activity: visited URLs, date and time. This data is further encrypted, compressed and saved to a log file which can be either viewed from the monitored computer or sent by email to the remote computer. By adopting Surf Inspector, you can always stay in touch with your children to prevent them from being exposed to sexually explicit and violent internet content. Surf Inspector integrates into the OS and creates its icon in the Control Panel, thus being hidden from the desktop and the Start menu. To access its configuration menu, you need to type in the password that youve provided during the first session. The menu is intuitively understandable and contains several tabs, including Common, Email, Rules, Log Viewer, About and Support. Switching between the tabs, you can configure the way you want the program to work. In the Common tab you can set the program to be invisible and launch automatically at every system startup. Also, from here you can activate or deactivate the main monitoring module, change your access password, set the time when to remove URLs from history and clear a log file manually. You can view log records from the monitored computer by switching to the Log Viewer tab. However, if you want to get reports to your office computer, you can specify the email address in the Email tab and set the time interval for mailing cycles. Using the Rules tab, you can specify strings to allow or disallow visiting URLs that contain them. The program can also close the browser window with a forbidden page or display a warning window.
Program details
Downloads month: 6
Company: Sytexis Software
Release date: 2005-06-30
Version: 1.2
License: Shareware
Price: $24.95
Supported OS': WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP
Homepage: Visit website
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