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SureData ToolKit
ActiveX.dll for guaranteeing accurate, correctly formatted, and duplicate free data in 5 spoken languages. Helping you standardise, condition, phonetically match, correctly case and de-dupe your data, so you attract, win and retain more business. Full code examples and help files provided to help ensure your project is on time and within budget.

The SureData Toolkit will guarantee you intelligently find duplicates and improve your data quality through:

o Advanced Case and Gender management to standardize your data
o Comprehensive multi-category transformations to distil your data into a common format
o Intelligent phonetic interrogation of your data to create match keys that significantly outperform SoundEX, Metaphone and NYSISS

Having pre-processed your data using the tools above, you can now harness the amazing power of our match engine to:

o Intra-Match any misaligned data
o Inter-Match within a single fields to spot data reversals
o Identify match relationships from infinite data sources
o Manage the weighting criteria to determine a % similarity index
o Create group ID's based upon the similarity index you generate

Having made significant investments in your CRM, Web and Database applications the SureData Toolkit will ensure you realize a return on these investments.

Why not take control and use the SureData Toolkit to build applications that exactly meet your needs and start making informed decisions, based upon a robust data platform?
Program details
Downloads month: 5
Company: DQ Global
Release date: 2002-08-03
Version: 4.6.10
License: Commercial
Price: $3,300
Supported OS': Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000
Homepage: Visit website the File Extensions site!