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Solid Capture
Screen Captures: Keep it Simple!

Why learn a complex program for a simple task such as capturing a screen? Solid Capture allows you to capture screen images in seconds with minimal effort.

Using a hotkey or a button, you can copy a screen or part of a screen and send it to the clipboard, a file, or your favorite graphics application. Capture modes include:
Full Screen - Captures the entire visible screen area.
Window - Captures a window or part of a window. You can choose from:
-Window capture - Captures the displayed active window.
-Scrolling window - In Internet Explorer, captures both the displayed window area and the hidden portion on the bottom of the screen.
Rectangle - Click and drag to highlight any rectangular area of the screen, then release to capture.

Solid Capture saves images in your favorite graphics file format, including BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF, or PNG.

In addition to screen capturing, Solid Capture also offers:
-Color Capture so you can magnify screen images, view numeric color values, and save color swatches. By rolling your mouse over a screen area you can see graphics and text up-close and check any color's value in the format you prefer.
-Screen Resizing so that Web designers can view a browser window in different resolutions. You can switch back and forth between 1024x768, 800x600, and 640x480, ensuring that your Web site looks good in multiple sizes.
-A measurement display that lets you view the dimensions of any screen area in pixels. Using the Rectangle tool, you can check the size of any image on a screen.

Solid Capture is perfect for technical writers, Web designers, or any professional who needs to capture screens and graphics to integrate into documentation, presentations, or training tools. It is designed to work with any graphics editing program, such as Adobe® Photoshop® or Paint Shop? Pro®. It's the elegant solution to a simple problem!
Program details
Downloads month: 11
Company: VoyagerSoft, LLC
Release date: 2007-01-05
Version: 3.0
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
Supported OS': Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003
Homepage: Visit website
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