Options for SoftAtlas Google Booster (SGB)
SoftAtlas Google Booster (SGB)
Softatlas Google Booster helps to reveal power of advanced Google search services with Google magic words autocompletion, Web 2.0 tags and more. The program combines a number of major Google services in one desktop program. Also the program saves your time. And as one may conjecture it saves your traffic (if you traffic is not free of course).
* All services, i.e. various search pages, are combined in one desktop program. Therefore, there is no need to navigate each time to different search service pages wasting your traffic. Just one click you are using another service.
* No need to search services or dig long lists of bookmarks, no need to remember long bookmarks. There are quite many Google services one bookmark is not enough.
* You may enter parameters which are absent on Google pages, and therefore you may find that hard to find with manual search.
* Some searches are possible only with SGB.
* Unique possibility to use autocompletion of Google magic words! Certainly some good boys may remember those all words, but you may save your brain for more useful things.
* Embedded tool of Web 2.0 Tag search helps to search more effectively.
* Hot keys.
* Option of Journaling.
* Tooltips provide quick short information and hints.
* Fast change of many search options in couple clicks and without lost of traffic.
* Desktop application bar mode.
* Multiple search engines: Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask, Altavista - search and compare to Google.
* Autocompletion for Yahoo! Metawords, Yahoo! Properties, Yahoo! Shortcuts and Yahoo! Open Shortcuts.
* Synchronous tag search.
* Tag right click access to
Program details
Downloads month: 3
Company: SoftAtlas Ltd.
Release date: 2007-01-12
Version: 2.2
License: Shareware
Price: $11.95
Supported OS': WinXP
Homepage: Visit website
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