Options for Securepoint Personal Firewall and VPN Client
Securepoint Personal Firewall and VPN Client
That means it makes the PC invisible for possible attackers and
catches suspicious connections. Unnoticed passing-on of personal data
will become impossible. The integrated VPN Client is an easy-to-use
remote working software based on the latest VPN technology. The software
provides smooth integration with a remote network and may be used with
the most popular IPSec-compliant gateway - like Securepoint Firewall and
VPN server. The software provides authentication, encryption to your
network traffic and supports Preshared Key / X509 certificates.

Without permission, everything is forbidden: The basic setting of the
Securepoint Personal Firewall only allows those applications whose
communications were explicitly permitted.
Minimal rights of access: Each program on your PC should only own those
right of access which it actually needs. The Securepoint Personal
Firewall and VPN Client supports you in this and recognises automatically
which programs are tending to communicate with the exterior. You will be
asked if you want to allow this program to communicate or if you refuse
to give your allowance. Thereby, the working surface which could
possibly be attacked is essentially reduced.
Easy control and overview: An easy control and overview allows you to
concentrate on fundamental settings.
Lines of defence in several layers: Do not rely on a single system of
defence. In any case, use other security systems such as virus scanners
in addition to the Securepoint Personal Firewall. Since the Securepoin
tPersonal Firewall and VPN Client is compatible with virus scanners, e.g.
of AntiVir, you can additionally operate with a virus scanner.
Program details
Downloads month: 12
Company: Securepoint GmbH
Release date: 2004-06-17
Version: 3.6
License: Freeware
Price: $
Supported OS': Windows2000 WinXP
Homepage: Visit website
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