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SafeCryptor provides you with safe, fast and reliable text encryption anywhere, anytime, and lets you securely and quickly send all of your sensitive and personal information (e.g., login, password, credit card number) via e-mail or chat session to your partners, customers, friends or family.

SafeCryptor is the encryption system where your own computer is your unique key, especially suitable for the secure transfer of passwords between two computers.

Some of its features and benefits are:

- Recipients just need their own computers for decrypting the information; their computers are their unique keys.

- Robust and complex encryption scheme, using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a key strength of 128 bits, to provide maximum security.

- Fast and strong integrity checking to guarantee the decrypted information is exactly the same as it was before encrypted and sent, and have not been altered in any way during transit.

- Automatically encrypts or decrypts the Windows clipboard text contents.

- Built-in organizer to easily manage all of your recipients unique keys.

- Is 100% compatible with all 32-bit Windows versions.
Program details
Downloads month: 4
Company: GemiScorp
Release date: 2003-05-05
Version: 1.5
License: Shareware
Price: $18.95
Supported OS': Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP
Homepage: Visit website
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