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RocketReader Vocab British Edition
RocketReader Vocab is a vocabulary builder that allows you to learn a broad range of powerful words. It includes 47 lessons, 37 of which are available in the 14-day trial version. The lessons cover a variety of topics from the boardroom talk to exotic clothing items. Powerful unlimited vocabulary lesson editor is also included so you can train yourself on your own vocabulary sets. This feature makes RocketReader Vocab a great vocabulary tutor. Creating your own lessons is quick and easy. If you are a 'visual' type of learner, you can download images from the internet and associate them with the words you need to learn. The graphs of progress are also available, so you can see how quickly you are moving ahead and structure your time for optimal effect. RocketReader Vocab is also available as a classroom edition that allows the whole class to develop new materials in a collaborative fashion. Spoken pronunciations make RocketReader Vocab a valuable vocabulary trainer for ESL students. This is a UK edition that features UK pronunciations of all words in the lessons. RocketReader Vocab is suited for ages ages 15 to professional. Word power means earning power.Start building your vocabulary today!
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Downloads month: 9
Company: Creative Windoware Pty Ltd
Release date: 2005-09-23
Version: 1.4
License: Demo
Price: $69
Supported OS': Win98 WinME WinNT 3.x
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