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Remora USB Disk Guard Pro
Remora (r?m´ere) : warmwater fishes of the family Echeneidae, characterized by an oval sucking disk on the top of the head. With this apparatus the remora, or suckerfish, attaches itself to sharks, swordfishes, drums, marlins, and sea turtles. In this way it travels without effort...

Remora USB Disk Guard Pro is a project base file encryption/compression tool, or a strong file encryption/compression switch which can startup from your USB storage devices. With Remora USB Disk Guard Pro, you can secure all your files anytime and anywhere, and use them conveniently at the same time.

Main features:

(1) An easy and fast tool to encrypt and decrypt files.

(2) An easy and fast tool to encrypt and decrypt folder.

(3) Encrypt and compress/ decrypt and decompress multiple files and folders as a project based by single click.

(4) Using the fastest and strongest encryption techniques (Blowfish, Triple DES and AES Rijndael) and compression methods.
Program details
Downloads month: 4
Company: Essential Skill Consultants Limited
Release date: 2006-09-22
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
Supported OS': Win98, WinME, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003
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