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PowerSlide Show
Power Slide Show is a powerful slideshow maker, which can easily create attractive and entertaining slideshows in various formats: The Shockwave Flash format (SWF) is an extremely popular way to make web animations; Windows Media Video(WMV) is used for both streaming and downloading content via the Internet, it also has the proper size and quality for YOUTUBE; the AVI format has developed all along to include many different encoding method, and you can create high quality movies even better the DVD. You have more choice to share your slideshows. Installing a single Power Slide Show equals to installing a flash slideshow maker, a WMV slideshow maker, and a AVI slideshow maker, the rather that Power Slide Show can be even more powerful than many slideshow makers that focus on only one format. Sound and music are important to make your slideshows attractive and entertaining, In Power Slideshow, you can clip and mix sound and music with crossfades to obtain extreme effects. Various extreme transition effects could be used in Power Slide Show. All effects are based on scripts; new scripts could be created from time to time. Everything could be done easily and joyful; taking advantage of the high performance, full quality, just in time preview, Anytime in editing slideshow project, clicking the play button will start the preview, no buffering, no waiting, and in full quality. The preview can be started from any photo index; you can pause or stop the preview anytime, change effects and settings, and continue.
Program details
Downloads month: 7
Company: Powerweaver Software Company
Release date: 2007-11-20
Version: 1.0 Build 1047
License: Shareware
Price: $39.99
Supported OS': Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
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