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PopRummer Pro
PopRummer Pro is a simple and useful file management software. It is supported by the Windows file management. The software can put the files of the hard disk together to a clear and visualized interface, just like making the catalog for a book.

It is a deep file management application that does many things well. PopRummer Pro is the Swiss Army Knife of file managers.

Here are some key features of "PopRummer Pro":

Optimize the system resource
Set an alias for the imported file
Support unlimited categories
Multiple language support
Comment view panel, custom columns, enhanced search function
Quick View panel with bitmap display
Support Drag & Drop with Explorer/the Desktop etc.
File from Clipboard can be copied into the application
Wipe file operation is supported
Directories can be Dragged & Drop
Directory list can be made
Search for file contents (text) is possible
Several layouts can be saved
Using the clipboard or dialog box to import multiple files


128 MB RAM,
300 MHz Pentium or faster processor,
100 MB available disk space,
High-color (thousands or millions of colors) resolution of 800x600 or greater.


30-day trial
Program details
Downloads month: 5
Company: PopRummer Software Inc.
Release date: 2010-12-10
Version: 10.12
License: Shareware
Price: $$49.95
Supported OS': Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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