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Pea-Guy: The Magic Land
In The Magic Land Pea-Guy and his friends are teleported to a land filled with knights and wizards. Now Pea-Guy, The Mortuator, Leah Silverberg and Uncle Patches must go on a quest to defeat the Wizard-King Magico the Great and rescue their friends. The Magic Land features unique gameplay, mixing a console style RPG with a third person action/strategy game. Seamlessly change from controlling Pea-Guy as he wanders to tactically controlling the entire party in battle. TML is also very easy to get into and controls are similar to any PC shooter mixed with mouse controlled menus. The easy-to-play interface and unique style make The Magic Land a game for both RPG newbies and veterans.

General Features:
Unique gameplay
Easy to understand and control
Beautiful open landscapes
A console style cartoon look
Very different heroes and nasties

Demo Features:
3 heroes
3 types of nasties
2 towns
1 item shop
4 battles
3 level-ups
Some gold

Full Features:
4 heroes
6 types of nasties 3 bosses
4 towns
3 item shops
2 inns
Unlimited battles
Unlimited level-ups
Unlimited gold


Our hero in sunglasses is back. This time he must lead his small party of friends that remains free to rescue those captured by the new nasty lord. It was close that Kan finally got him but it's not over yet. Armed with a sword and a shield Pea-Guy is an all-around fighter.

The Story

A new nasty wizard lord have obtained a never used hyper teleportation prototype created by Professor Test Tube. He tries to capture Pea-Guy and his friends by teleporting them into the dungeons under his castle. But something goes wrong and Pea-Guy and three of his friends are instead spread over the land.

You must guide Pea-Guy and his friends on a quest through knights, wizards and other nasties to rescue their captured friends. Armed and dangerous they must survive many battles all over the land before they can get into the castle and challenge the wizard. Will they succeed and rescue their friends? That's up to you!
Program details
Downloads month: 9
Company: Astral Entertainment Inc.
Release date: 2003-07-31
Version: 1.1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $19.95
Supported OS': Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000
Homepage: Visit website
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