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PDF DLL BasePack
PDF DLL BasePack are the modules: PDFinternals with the functions: GetPDFPageCount for the number of pagesm, GetPDFjs if the document contains javascript, GetPDFrdf if the document contains rdf/xml, GetPDFImageCount for the number of embedded images, GetPDFbmCount for the number of bookmarks, GetPDFffCount for the number of formfields, GetPDFfwView if the document have the property 'fast web access', GetPDFImages if there are embedded images, GetPDFDocid for the document-id, GetPDFwwwlinks shows the contained urls and email-addresses, GetPDFCompression for the used compression-types. PDFdocuments with the functions: GetPDFTitle for the document title, GetPDFSubject for the subject of a document, GetPDFAuthor the document author, GetPDFCreator the used pdf-application, GetPDFCreatedWith the used pdf-engine, GetPDFKeywords the inserted keywords, GetPDFVersion the number of the pdf-version, GetPDFCreDateTime for date/time of creation, GetPDFModDateTime for date/time of the last modification. PDFlayout with the ffunctions: GetPDFFormat for the document format (portrait/landscape), GetPDFPageWidth for the document width (pixel), GetPDFPageHeight for the document height (pixel), GetPDFColourStyle for the used colour type/colour scheme, GetPDFLayerCount for the number of document levels, GetPDFPageLayout for the page layout, GetPDFPageMode for the page mode, GetPDFeFonts shows the embedded fonts. PDFsecurity with the functions: GetPDFPrintA if printing is allowed, GetPDFCopyA if copying is allowed, GetPDFChangeA if changing is allowed, GetPDFCommentA if inserting comments is allowed, GetPDFFFieldA if using formfields is allowed, GetPDFContentA if access to document content is allowed, GetPDFDocAssemblyA if changing of the document structure is allowed, GetPDFUPassw if there is a userpassword, GetPDFMPassw if there is a main-/master-password, GetPDFSecMethod for the security-level, GetPDFEncLevel for the encryption type.
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Company: Ingo Schmökel
Release date: 2000-02-10
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $140.00
Supported OS': Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP
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