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Odd Box
What does a mining colony sorting robot dream of ? His work of course, he's a dedicated
fellow. But this dream has turned into a nightmare. The mineral cubes have come alive and
are resorting themselves, switching types, multiplying and becoming just plain stubborn.
Seen through the eyes of our robotic friend, Odd Box features 100% black and white
gameplay. Who says independent games can't be pretentious ! Watch out for the 'Super Full Color Power Up'
though, the answer to every robot's dream. Odd Box is easy to
play, the left mouse button moves the odd boxes, the right button moves your view of the
action. Comes with free support, updates and a 30 day money back guarantee. Try out the free demo today. It
really is very odd !
Program details
Downloads month: 3
Company: PiEyeGames
Release date: 2006-12-07
Version: 1.02
License: Shareware
Price: $14.95
Supported OS': Windows2000, WinXP
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