Options for MxWallet
Carry all your vital information with this Secure, Safe, Convenient & Powerful personal information management solution. Store passwords, PINs, bank account, credit cards, email usernames, group IDs, membership IDs & any other important information.
Storing & accessing all of your important information is now a easy task.
Information stored in Strongly Encrypted, Non-Beamable (Default) format which keeps the data private & protected.
Customized Search through the records based on categories, starting characters or complete words - case sensitive
Copy the URL?s to the browser, Copy the usernames/passwords to login screen, Copy the information to email message body or simply copy data to memo pads directly from MxWallet.
Assign Icons to a particular record. 75+ easily differentiable icons packaged with the program.
Generate passwords with PassGen tool. Allows you to generate password with Numeric, AlphaNumeric( Upper/Lower case) & Special Characters.

Edit column titles.
Mask values in the main list.
Add/Edit Categories to a already exhaustive list.
Change default category Icons. Assign/Edit Icons to individual records.

Flexible & Secure
Wallet is simple to use. Enter, access, and edit your important information quickly and easily.
Add/Edit Notes directly from List.
Copy to any location within or outside the application.
Use notes to add extra long information.
Operated mostly with finger-tips rather than with a stylus.
Store & Share data with other applications after exporting it to Memo Pad
Strong & highly secure Encryption algorithm
Program details
Downloads month: 8
Company: 3GR Technologies
Release date: 2007-01-04
Version: 1.0.1
License: Demo
Price: $6.99
Supported OS': Windows CE
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