Options for MusicBoxTool
The main function of this program is to give you the possibility to make file selection from your music collection at random for the size specified.
It is very easy to use the program. All you should do is to launch the program, specify the path to your audio collection, specify the target folder
and set the necessary size. MusicBoxTool selects files from your audio collection at random and fills the target folder with them without
exceeding the specified maximum size. Besides that this program allows to convert almost all popular
audio formats ( MP3,AAC,WMA,OGG,WAV,AIFF) from one into another, and also to change the bitrate,that allows to obtain from two to four times more music on the same media storage practically without loss of sound quality.
Now there is no need to worry about the choice of melodies, let the computer make it and we’ll enjoy the music!
Who can need it? Today, more and more fashion electronics are equipped with MP3 player function include traditional
MP3 player, digital camera, Palm PDA, Pocket PC as well as mobile phone. You may own one of them but their memory for
music is always very limited. If you want to let your fashion electronic buddy to hold more music but do not want to
spend money on buying the new flash, MusicBoxTool is your best choice to decrease the size of your MP3 files.
So you can fill more songs in your player without upgrade flash memory.
Program details
Downloads month: 7
Company: Digital Music Software
Release date: 2007-09-27
Version: 2.0
License: Shareware
Price: $19.95
Supported OS': Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
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