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MojoListings Manager
MojoListings Manager is a powerful web content management software written in PERL on MySQL database backend that allows you to manage your listings online. If you are a company or agent and wish to manage your in-house listings in an effective and organised way, our software is the right choice for you. Universal listing content management software on MySQL backend allows you to manage your ads and listings on your website in an effective and organised way. Features: 3-way-toplevel-category system, unlimited categories/subcategories, create unlimited agents, private messaging, saved search profiles, hotlist, multimedia file gallery, extensive admin and member panels, powerful search facility, auto-generated thumbnails for uploaded images, unlimited ad/permission credit system, fully html, email and text file template driven, internationalization, easy translatable, personalized member mailings as well as view location on map and live chat add-on modules.
Program details
Downloads month: 5
Company: Tela IT Inc.
Release date: 2005-04-02
Version: 3.3
License: Commercial
Price: $199
Supported OS': Windows2000, Windows2003, Unix, Linux
Homepage: Visit website
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