Options for Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead
Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead
Nine expansive single-player levels ranging from behind enemy lines in Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge and the fall of Berlin.
Over 12 new multiplayer levels including the Arnhem Bridge and the streets of Berlin.
New multi-player modes emphasizing more robust team multi-player and team objective-based gameplay.
New weapons including the British Enfield Mark 1 rifle, the Sten submachine gun, smoke grenades, and the Soviet PPSh-41 submachine gun.
Work with squads of American, British and Soviet troops to complete single-player objectives.
New soldier models, skins and voices including British and Soviet troops.
Fully realized 3-D worlds utilizing the powerful Quake III engine.
Sound effects by the award winning Medal of Honor sound design team at EALA.
Single Player Campaign Descriptions

Campaign 1: Destroy the Bridge

Mission 1_1 Welcome to France
After parachuting in about five miles inland from Omaha Beach with the British 6th Airborne division, you set out on a top-secret mission to destroy German fortified artillery positions. In a matter of hours, Allied forces will begin the D-Day invasion. Your success or failure in knocking out these installations will have a huge impact on what happens when the troops land on the beach.

Mission 1_2 The Causeway
Your new mission arrives via radio transmission: destroy a key enemy-held bridge and eliminate the German colonel in charge of defending it. After recovering from the jump, you and your five-man squad, you move forward knowing that your highly dangerous mission is of vital importance. By successfully destroying the bridge, you will cripple the enemys ability to transport heavy artillery by train to the Normandy coast. Before blowing up the bridge, you must first cross the river to locate the Nazi colonel and it wont be easy.

Mission 1_3 The Other Side of the River
After crossing the river, you and the remaining members of your squad must hunt down the evasive colonel. Searching from house to house, you wont stop until you find him and carry out one of your prime mission objectiveshis assassination. Youll need to be resourceful, using German artillery and locating air-dropped supplies. And youll also need all the firepower you can muster when facing German Tiger tanks and other heavy artillery. Ultimately, youll need to rely on all of your training to blow the bridge before a train loaded with heavy artillery departs the station for the Normandy coast.

Campaign 2:
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Release date: 2002-11-11
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