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MB Astro Palmistry is an unique software that combines the knowledge of astrology and palmistry to add new conclusions about the lines on your palms. Know the astrological meanings of the shape of your hands, fingers and lines of your fingers instantly with MB Astro Palmistry. Astrology is nothing but the study of the correlation between the positions and the movements of the planets, the stars and other celestial bodies and events on earth. It is the firm belief of the astrologers that the placement and the movements of the heavenly bodies - the Sun, Moon, and the nine planets of the galaxy, at the time of birth of an individual have a direct influence on his/her character. Planets place a great deal of energy into the house in which they are physically located in the birth chart. The important planets studied in astrology are: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Palmistry involves the art or practice of telling fortunes and interpreting character from the lines and configurations on the palm of a person's hand. It is said that the left hand is the hand we are born with and the right hand is the hand we make. So it is suggested that you analyze your Right Hand FIRST and then your Left Hand. It is seen that many astrological features are reflected in the formation of the hand and the lines on the palm. Every hand is said be the map of what’s going to happen in our lives. We just need to relate the different lines and formations to the planets and we shall have our answers in front of us.
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Version: 1.05
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Supported OS': Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
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