Options for LPDForm
LPDForm converts text (DOS/UNIX) printing into Windows (graphical) printing.
You must install LPDForm on a computer running Windows.
When installed and configured, LPDForm acts like a laser printer. LPDForm receives printing data generated by your DOS, Unix or Windows (text mode) software. It uses it to generate a PDF file or a Windows printing (in graphical mode).
LPDForm allows the addition of a form behind the printing data : - The form(s) must be in JPEG (.jpg) format. - You may specify different forms, according to conditions.
From the form and data, LPDForm generates : - A PDF file in a determined directory on your hard drive. - A PDF file in a directory according to conditions (ex. : according to Unix username). - A PDF file sent to a determined e-mail address. - A PDF file sent by e-mail according to conditions (ex. : according to Unix username). - A print job to a Windows printer.
LPDForm can name the PDF file generated according to conditions (ex. : get the quote or invoice number from a specific position on the page).
Program details
Downloads month: 4
Company: Technophare
Release date: 2000-01-03
Version: 1.31B
License: Demo
Price: $100
Supported OS': Windows2000 WinXP
Homepage: Visit website the File Extensions site!