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Imagen plays a large sequence of numerated images like it's a video clip. When you open a single image it will scan the folder and detect other images following the same naming convention (e.g. pic00001.jpg, pic00002.jpg, ..., pic01999.jpg). Don't worry if your sequence has tenths or even hundreds of thousands of files, it's piece of cake for Imagen. If you're one of those who frequently renders or captures images to BMP, DIB, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TGA, TIFF, PCX, BAYER, CIN, CVR, RGB, XPM, SGI, SUN or other sequences you will find this player irreplaceable. Unlike other players this one supports images generated on Linux and expensive high-speed imagers. Except images the player supports AVI, MPEG, HAV, FLC, MP3, OGG, WAV, and a few some other multimedia formats. Video files can be slowed down, speeded up, screenshots from movies can be saved to disk as image files.
Program details
Downloads month: 8
Release date: 2005-09-01
Version: 2.4.1
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Supported OS': Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP
Homepage: Visit website
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