Options for IPI.MANAGER
Task management systems are now widely used in large organizations, and they require a thorough, systematized approach to implementation and deployment. In the SMB market, however, systems such as HelpDesk, ServiceDesk or TaskManager are very rare, because of the high cost of the software and the complexity of configuration and customization.

7 reasons for choosing IPI.MANAGER:

1. «Situation center»
Provides a comprehensive knowledge base incorporating every task whether it is completed, in progress, or scheduled for later execution.

2. Internal and external users.
Full control over the execution of tasks assigned both by company employees or managers and by external users.

3. Fast information exchange.
Open or private correspondence on any task using built-in instant communication tools.

4. Multiple task types.
Enable working with various task types: linear, dependent, recurrent, completed, and templated.

5. Useful statistics.
Tracking incidents, creating diverse reports, assisting in work process planning and forecasting.

6. Full control.
Versatile control by executive employees, enabling you to prevent faults at every step of implementation.

7. Additional modules.
Support of distributed and clustered configurations, working via the Windows client.

So you offer your products and services to customers and partners, you have a web site where these products and services are described, and the customers have got some questions before or after the purchase.

IPI.MANAGER assumes full control of job execution by tracking deadlines and reminding employees about expired or outstanding personal tasks. Using such a program is currently the only way for a company to manage tasks being executed. No other form of assigning tasks (orally, by e-mail, or in written form) allows top managers to view a ‘slice’ of all the tasks and activities in progress at any particular moment in time.
Program details
Downloads month: 7
Company: IPI Business Solutions, Inc.
Release date: 2006-12-20
Version: demo
License: Demo
Price: $599.95
Supported OS': Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000, Linux, Unix
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