Options for IPI.HELPDESK
Do you have a web site and customers? Great! IPI.HELPDESK will help you to communicate efficiently with your customers through your web site.

7 reasons for choosing IPI.HELPDESK:

1. Price: $99.95
This is the full product price, not per user.

2. An intuitive interface for regular users.
The easy-to-use and well-defined interface helps users of all levels work more effectively.

3. Suitable for any task.
You are not restricted by the scope of your industry nor by the subject matter of the tasks – if there are people using your services, IPI.HELPDESK will improve communication with them.

4. Unlimited number of external users.
In addition, each user is provided with a unique login, a personal office and personalized e-mail notifications.

5. Advanced alert and control features.
Users and managers are notified about decisions via e-mail, while detailed and comprehensible reports facilitate follow-up.

6. Multilingual interface on top of the single core.
Visitors to the multilingual site can interact with IPI.HELPDESK in the language of their choice. A single system is enough – there is no need to buy or configure additional copies.

7. Easy-to-configure design.
The system will look just like the other pages of your site – users will not notice the switch to IPI.HELPDESK at all.

So you offer your products and services to customers and partners, you have a web site where these products and services are described, and the customers have got some questions before or after the purchase.

IPI.HELPDESK improves the process of communication with customers, which maximizes the percentage of leads who become your buyers, boosts customer loyalty, and increases the number of repeat sales and sales on recommendation. And you wouldn’t lose customer requests anymore.
Program details
Downloads month: 3
Company: IPI Business Solutions, Inc.
Release date: 2006-12-20
Version: demo
License: Demo
Price: $99.95
Supported OS': Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000, Linux, Unix
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