Options for Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter
Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter
Golden Records is software that helps you to convert your old vinyl LP records, tapes or cassettes onto CD or to wav or mp3 files. It is designed specifically with records and cassettes in mind and has been developed to make the conversion process as easy and intuitive as possible. Just install the software and follow the step-by-step wizard.


Convert audio from vinyl LP records and audio cassette tapes into CD or Wave or MP3 format.
Comes with a full set of audio restoration tools to clean up damaged audio.
Simple wizard utility to walk you through the conversion process.
Includes full feature CD-Burner.
Encodes into mp3 or wave files with the ability to add mp3 ID tags to converted files.
Automatically normalizes recordings.
Automatically applies dc offset correction recordings.
Click and pop elimination when recording from vinyl records.
Automatic hiss and noise reduction.
Automatic phono RIAA eq correction if your old record player does not have a preamplifier.
Can convert 78 records playing on a RPM player.
Program details
Downloads month: 10
Company: NCH Swift Sound
Release date: 2007-07-03
Version: 1.10
License: Shareware
Price: $26.20
Supported OS': Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
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