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Entrylock Network
EntryLock Network is the product designed specifically to solve the problems with Internet access management in small and mid-sized companies. The product monitors Internet traffic generated by each user and the time the one spends on Internet resources while optionally converting these parameters into monetary units. You can use accounts for individual users or groups of users applying your Internet usage policy. The product allows setting limitations based on time and day of the week as well as Internet protocol used to connect to Internet server. Entrylock monitors web-access and writes information in the database. Later you can generate informative reports that show Internet usage in your company.
Program details
Downloads month: 13
Company: Entrylock Software Ltd
Release date: 2004-04-19
Version: 2.0
License: Commercial
Price: $
Supported OS': Windows2000, Windows XP
Homepage: Visit website the File Extensions site!