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Tafsir of Holy Quran (Exegesis) is the basic discipline of Muslim science, while the Quran is the primary resource of Islam. The texts sent down by Allah to the mankind, as a main-frame to worship Him all of our live. It's is important for us, to study Quran and understand it needs and what it ask us to do, accordingly.There are a number of reasons why tafsÃr is of great importance, but the basic reason is the following: Allah has sent the Qur'Ãn as a book of guidance to mankind. Man's purpose is to worship Allah, i.e. to seek His pleasure by living the way of life Allah has invited him to adopt. He can do so within the framework of the guidance that Allah has revealed concerning this, but he can do so only if he properly understands its meanings and provides 4 tafsir title (most famous tafsir in Islam) which is supported on non-arabic enabled windows system. Which means, our application can still viewing Arabic text even your computer does not support (or enable) Arabic. You may later read, copy and paste to your Word application for further reference. The well organize e-book layout, let you easily read the tafsir, choose the book you want, and display it correctly.E-Tafsir Reader Version 2004, generally support 4 tafsir titles: - Tafsir Ibnu Kathir - Full Arabic text - Tafsir Al-Qurtubi - Full Arabic Text - Tafsir Al-Tabari - Full Arabic Text - Tafsir Al-Jalalain - Full Arabic TextE-Tafsir Reader Also support translations as follow: - Dr. Muhsin Khan English Translation of Holy Quran - Marmaduke Pikthall English Translation of Holy Quran - Maulana Yusuf Ali English Translation of Holy Quran - Malay - Indoensian Al-Quran TranslationFeatures * Supported on Non-Arabic enabled windows system * Searchable * Copy-able to Microsoft Word 2000-2003/other application * Searchable in Arabic * Book-marking support
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