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CryptoStorage for Pocket PC
CryptoStorage is a reliable and easy-to-use system for encrypting private data on your Pocket PC
and controlling access to it. The work of CryptoStorage is based on the 'safe' principle. All
kinds of information (documents, photos, audio files, etc.) that go into this 'safe' are securely
protected. A 'safe' is a folder in your Pocket PC root directory created by CryptoStorage and
visible only if the 'safe' is open. You can create any number of 'safe' folders. Working with a
'safe' folder is similar to working with any standard folder (for example, 'My Documents'). You
can create a document containing private information, work with it in any program, and then close
the storage to securely protect the information. The system works so that your private files are
not stored anywhere in un-encrypted form. There are no intermediate caches. Even if a failure
occurs on your device, the data remains securely protected.
For encryption, CryptoStorage uses the next generation cryptography standard: Advanced Encryption
Standard (AES) and supports 192-bit key size encryption. The encryption key is generated with the
MD5 and SHA256 hash algorithms and is based on the password you enter.
The program has no 'backdoors'. If you do not know the password, you will not get access to the
encrypted data!
CryptoStorage works on Pocket PC 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 devices.
Program details
Downloads month: 10
Company: SinanTech Group
Release date: 2005-09-02
Version: 1.5.1
License: Shareware
Price: $19.95
Supported OS': Windows2000
Homepage: Visit website
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