Options for Criline Search and Replace
Criline Search and Replace
Criline Search and Replace is a search and replace program that easily handles multiple files
with just a few clicks. Criline Search and Replace can alter incorrect URLs in the multiple files
and the title of an album in the multiple MP3 files.

Criline Search and Replace works with any type of file.

Major advantages:

- HEX search and replace.
- Fast search algorithm.
- Regular expressions support.
- Comprehensive user interface.
- Keep your files safe (the replacement takes place in memory, not in files.)
- Extremely fast, easy to use and includes excellent documentation.
- A real time-saver for programmers and webmasters

Main features:
- Search and replace in archives.
- All parameter saved
- Regular expressions searching
- Script replacement
- Multi mask searching
- Autobackup files
- Include and exclude file masks
- Date, time and attributes masks for the files found by the file mask, path, and filter settings
- "Size limited" searching
- "Case sensitive", "Prompt for replace", "Whole words only" replace options
- "All local disks" searching
- Multi and single line searching and replacing
- Search and replace in filenames and folder names
- You can save the report about the found files and detailed information about the occurrences
found in them.
- You can find files by specifying the path, name masks, and a query. You can search documents
for a phrase or several words, multi-line or regular expression and use the search engines style
- You can modify files one at a time or change them all with a single mouse click. Support is
offered for both single and multi-line entries.
- This useful tool is fast and easy to use and of particular value to Webmasters who deal with
ever-changing content on their Web sites.
Program details
Downloads month: 11
Company: Criline Software
Release date: 2005-12-05
Version: 4.1
License: Shareware
Price: $19.95
Supported OS': Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, Windows2003
Homepage: Visit website
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