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Colasoft Capsa - Expert Packet Sniffer
Expert packets sniffer designed for protocol analysis and network diagnosis, Colasoft Capsa analyzes the network traffic of local computer or local network. With the ability of real time packet capture and accurate data analysis, Colasoft Capsa makes your network transparent in the presence of you, and efficiently fix the network troubles. Easy-to-use interface allows both IT professionals at all levels and novice users get up to speed efficiently.

Colasoft Capsa 6.2 are launched with new features, such as MAC Address Scanner, Ping Tool, Packet Player, Customizable external tools, sending packets via specified network cards , Protocol decoder and so forth.

Advanced analyzers provide more detailed information about network traffic, allowing you to view the analyzed data of email messages, FTP transfers and HTTP requests.

Simple filters and advanced filters can narrow the target hosts, letting you quickly focus on suspect traffic and identify the source of network troubles.

Statistics and graphs let you view network communications in various ways, bring you an overall and visual impression of your network.

Diagnoses list network diagnosis events and provide possible reasons and solutions.

Matrix shows you visualizing network traffic between network nodes in real time.

Reports view provides real time statistic reports of global network or specific groups.

Flexible and intuitive interface..

Send packets via specified network cards.

Built-in tools: MAC Address Scanner, Ping Tool and Packet Player

Customizable external tools
Program details
Downloads month: 12
Company: Colasoft Co., Ltd.
Release date: 2006-09-05
Version: 6.2
License: Commercial
Price: $499
Supported OS': Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003
Homepage: Visit website
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