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CoffeeCup Ad Producer
Online advertising gives you the opportunity to build branding for your products or service, and can get your message out to world quickly and efficiently. Suppose there was a better, cleverer way to reach your users. There is, and it's called Video Banners. Video is seen as playing a big role in the future of online advertising. Several studies show that Online video ads achieve greater branding impact with fewer impressions than other standard online ads. With CoffeeCup Ad Producer everybody will be able to take advantage of that trend. Simply choose the size of your banner and select your video. Ad Producer will then take care of the rest. To allow you to make your add really special we added the capability of integrating your own graphics and text. This also means that you can use Ad Producer to design really high quality ads! CoffeeCup Ad Producer converts MPGs, AVIs, MOVs, FLVs and WMVs to Flash fast and easy. Just choose your videos and pick a background and you are ready to upload your new videos banner to your Website. Ad Producer also follows all IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) and standards. IAB sets the standards for all advertising banner sizes and specifications used in the advertising industry.
Program details
Downloads month: 6
Company: CoffeeCup Software, Inc.
Release date: 2007-05-24
Version: 3.0
License: Shareware
Price: $39
Supported OS': Windows XP, Windows Vista
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