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ChurchTrax is a comprehensive application to assist churches track membership, groups, attendance, contributions, non-contribution income, and non-monetary donations. ChurchTrax has a powerful component to maintain a name and address information database, including information on families, individuals within families, other organizations your Church interacts with, and contact people within those organizations. Some of the information fields for these entites are pre-defined --- some are optional and left \\\'open\\\' to satisfy your Church\\\'s specific needs (whether in the form of drop-down lists, dates, yes/no checkboxes or free form text fields). Also included is an open-ended \\\'groups\\\' capability permitting assignment of individuals and/or families to any named collection, which might reflect a ministry team, a home group, a class, etc. --- the use is not directed by ChurchTrax but left open to the user. Each entity in a \\\'group\\\' is given a \\\'role\\\' (that can be changed later). Groups are clustered by \\\'Category\\\' so that like Groups can be handled together. Using the email capability within ChurchTrax, you can use this portion of the system as an \\\"address book\\\" to send emails (with attachments as needed). All reports and mailing labels produced from the name and address information database provide selection criteria based on information contained within the database. Selection may be made from a combination of the data contained within the standard fields, the optional fields, \\\'Group Category\\\', \\\'Group Name\\\' and/or \\\'Group Role\\\'. An Excel spreadsheet extract of this database may also be produced, and is either the full database or a subset based on \\\'Group Category\\\', \\\'Group Name\\\' and/or \\\'Group Role\\\'.Another powerful component captures details of your Church\\\'s bank deposits. Each individual item may be \\\'split\\\' amongst categories you define, such as a General Fund contribution, a contribution for toward specific Fund, non-contribuiton income (such as a book table purchase) or even \\\'non-income\\\' money (such as a reimbursement). All input is captured on a single ChurchTrax screen! The result is the capture of 100% of all bank deposit activity, regardless of nature or source. As a byproduct, any of a number of posting reports may be produced including a \\\'bank deposit slip\\\' report containing sufficient details so that it may be attached to your actual bank deposit slip saving you the need to hand-write the check information! Contribution Statement are created covering the time period you specify, and using the email capability and the capability to create reports as PDF files, you can also tell ChurchTrax to email Statement PDFs to your contributors! Another posting by-product is a direct data feed of the totals (by fund and account) to either QuickBooks or Quicken. You avoid the manual data entry of these totals! A Pledge component permits recording of pledges by contributors. Each Pledge is associated with a Campaign and multiple Campaigns may be concurrently active. Contributions made against pledges are entered into ChurchTrax using the same manner as non-pledge contributions. Pledge status repoprts, including various statistics, are available throughout the life of the Campaign. Multiple ChurchTrax systems may be networked so as to share a common database so long as the same version of ChurchTrax is in use on each system. The shared database may be on one of the networked systems, or may be on a separate server. Networking may be local (Lan-based), remote (over the Internet by use of commercially-available VNP software), or a combination of local and remote. The current ChurchTrax version is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users and contains all features. If is available as a free download (only ... no CD is available).
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Downloads month: 13
Company: Martureo.Org
Release date: 2013-02-01
Version: 2.6.5
License: Freeware
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Supported OS': Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 the File Extensions site!