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Candy Land Adventure
King Kandy has been kidnapped by that mischievous Lord Licorice and that means trouble for candy lovers everywhere. It's up to you to follow your sweet tooth on a magical journey through Candy Land. Meet all of your favorite characters, explore your favorite lands, and use your early match and language skills to rescue the King. Explore all of your favorite places, including Molasses Swamp, Lollipop Woods, Gumdrop Mountains, Peanut Brittle House, and Ice Cream Sea. Solve the challenges in each land to win the candy Gloppy loves. Practice size and shape sorting with Princess Lolly. Learn your letters with Jolly the Miner. Paint and create with Queen Frostine. Build shape-matching and memory skills with Gramma Nutt.
Program details
Downloads month: 9
Company: Trygames
Release date: 2002-09-18
License: Demo
Price: $9.95
Supported OS': Win 3.1x
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