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Bristol Lair ScreenSaver
This delightful screensaver displays the Bristol Lair logo any time you leave your computer for more than a specified time. Install it as a constant reminder of your journey from Chump to Champ, as you master your skills in attracting women with the material on the Bristol Lair Seduction and Pick-Up database.

In accordance with the established principles of auto-suggestion, just seeing the logo on your screen every now and then will encourage your sub-conscious mind to accelerate your transformation as you become a man that women are naturally attracted to.

The screensaver is fully compatible with Windows XP and operates as a standard screensaver from within the Windows XP display settings console. There are no settings to alter on the screensaver but you will witness several different modes of operation within the screensaver.

The screensaver was inspired by all the gurus and pick-up artists in the seduction community. We would like to extend our warm thanks and infinite gratitude to:

Tyler Durden, Papa, Jlaix/Jeffy for igniting my Nimbus and promoting ethical pick-up through Real Social Dynamics.
Neil Strauss for his excellent book, 'The Game'.
Mystery, Lovedrop, Matador for their work developing and teaching Mystery Method.
All the boys at Pickup 101.
Formhandle and TokyoPUA over at fastseduction.
Charisma Arts, Badboy Lifestyle, The Approach, PUA Training.
David Shade for teaching us what to do when we actually get somewhere.

See you in the field,

The Bristol Lair
Program details
Downloads month: 3
Company: Bristol Lair
Release date: 2007-05-11
Version: 1
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Supported OS': Windows XP, Windows Vista
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