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Biometric Employee Punch Clock
Fingerprint authentication, network support, more detailed reports, QuickBooks® integration, door access control, plus quick and easy setup; make Biometric Employee Punch Clock 2.0 the most powerful time and attendance solution to stop time theft.

Biometry is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance information. Instead of badges or passwords that can be lost, forgotten or shared, the Biometric Employee Punch Clock verifies an employee's identity based on their fingerprint.

With Biometric Employee Punch Clock, you pay your employees for the exact time they work.
No more unreadable paper time sheets, no more time calculations by hand, and you will avoid "Buddy Punching".
Program details
Downloads month: 4
Company: Veritask Software
Release date: 2006-01-10
Version: 2.4
License: Shareware
Price: $99
Supported OS': Win98, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003
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