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Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion
Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion tells about new adventures of a brave cosmo pilot. He has to defend the Galarion system from the attack of four hostile alien races, which are sending more than forty types of battleships into action. In each of eight missions of the game he will have to battle nine waves of attacking hostile destroyers and win exciting duels with a space fortress.

With every new wave your enemies grow more and more aggressive, their armament becomes stronger and more powerful and ships are more maneuverable. But your cosmo fighting skills, little by little, improve. Different bonuses fall out from the destroyed enemy ships: they improve your basic weapon, provide your ship with additional super-power armament, make the protective systems better and supply you with other useful tools.

No doubt, the game will fascinate all the shooter fans! Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion is a minimum of reflection, maximum of swift action and real firework of colorful special effects on the monitor.

8 missions
80 unique levels
4 unique enemy races
32 different enemy crafts with unique weapons and attack strategies
8 super bosses
10 different primary weapons and 3 super-weapons
5 types of bonuses
teeth-crushing and dynamic gameplay
crowds of enemies and a host of explosions
superb graphics
powerful sound effects and 6 music themes
over 20 space backgrounds
stunning visual effects
mouse control
Program details
Downloads month: 7
Company: Alawar Entertainment
Release date: 2005-04-29
Version: 1.1
License: Shareware
Price: $19.95
Supported OS': Win95 Win98 WinME Windows2000 WinXP
Homepage: Visit website
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