Options for Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2006
Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2006
Advanced Uninstaller PRO is an easy to use suite for uninstalling applications and keeping your computer fast, clean and in it's best shape. A powerful installation monitor is included. The Services Manager gives you complete control over services and helps you apply optimized Windows services profiles in order to speed up your computer. The Duplicate Files Manager makes sure that no files clutter your disk. The Startup Manager gives you total control over your startup programs and contains detailed information about each program (a huge database of more than 4000 applications is included). The registry cleaner, optimizer, defragmenter and backup tools can keep your registry clean, fast and speed up your computer. The Quick Cleaner wizard helps you do a one step clean-up of your computer and protects your privacy by safely deleting the Internet traces, cookies and the history records of more than 100 programs, including Microsoft Office, MSN, WinZip, Kazaa, RealPlayer, Firefox, etc. You can also delete garbage and temporary files, clean up your Start Menu, uninstall Internet Explorer toolbars and plug-ins, manage your Control Panel icons and fonts.

The new feature introduced in this update is that while using Advanced Uninstaller PRO you will be able to comment on many items installed on your computer and read comments written by other users. This can help you benefit from other users? knowledge and share your own experience with them. Easily ask questions and get useful answers from a large community. Plus additional languages: Dutch, Norwegian, German, Italian, French, Portuguese.

Many other options have been added in this new release - enjoy!
Program details
Downloads month: 9
Company: Innovative Solutions
Release date: 2006-09-01
Version: 7.5.4
License: Shareware
Price: $39
Supported OS': Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, Windows2003
Homepage: Visit website
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