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Choosing the correct mortgage is one of the biggest decisions that you will make during your life, it is most likely the biggest loan you will ever have to pay back, with the repayments being your biggest outgoing expense every month. Therefore, selecting the correct mortgage for you is an extremely important task.

The range of mortgages from various lenders and the individual differences between them can be very difficult to compare, many are not black and white and have many confusing points that make them more (or less) appealing than they appear.

Do you go for a fixed rate mortgage in the beginning even though you will need to pay an arrangement fee, or do you go for one of the better sounding offset plans? Do you add an extra few thousand on the mortgage to pay for some house redecoration, or decide to keep the payments low by taking the minimum? What about fees? Should I pay them up front, or add them to the mortgage plan?

1-Mortgage aims to simplify this confusing process by giving you the ability to compare the various plans at your disposal into a simple summary showing the best and worst aspects of each plan, as well as giving you more detailed information should you need it, to help you with that final, tough decision.
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Release date: 2004-12-07
Version: 1.00
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