Options for 1 Click Encrypt File Folder Encryption
1 Click Encrypt File Folder Encryption
1 Click Encrypt brings military strength encryption power at your fingertips, assuring that your files are secured and protected from intruders and spies. You can use this amazing software to encrypt or securely hide any type of file, allowing you to relax a bit knowing that it is practically impossible to break the algorithms in 1 Click Encrypt. Decryption methods are within the same utility that brings the encryption solution, dealing with all kinds of files, regardless of structure and format or size. After encryption you can either choose to securely erase or preserve the original file, leaving only the secured data on your storage device. Alternatively, anyone could generate their own cipher key with great ease, allowing you to implement customized encryption methods to your most sensitive data. It is now easy and secure to share all your data with family and friends, not being afraid that they will access your most important files. Drag ânâ Drop your files into your 1 click encrypt and your files will be automatically encrypted. Anyone can send files encrypted with 1 Click Encrypt over the network, even to people that do not have 1 Click Encrypt installed. All confidential information is professionally protected by encryption algorithms such as AES - the US Government standard symmetric encryption algorithm and also Blowfish. Encrypt and feel secure. Nothing easier than that, with just 1 Click away.With the help of 1 Click Encrypt you no longer have to worry about unauthorised third parties possibly intercepting your communication channels and reading your data. Regardless of the methods that you send your data on, 1 Click Encrypt keeps the same performance levels. You can email your secured documents or transfer them via any other file transfer protocols and methods while all important information encrypted with 1 Click Encrypt remains secure and private. Take control of your security by giving your files a 1 Click Encrypt today.
Program details
Downloads month: 5
Company: Secure PC Solutions.Inc
Release date: 2004-06-28
Version: 1.4.1
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
Supported OS': Win98 WinME Windows2000 WinXP
Homepage: Visit website
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