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Speed up your word processing with personalized letter shortcuts for words and phrases you use often. PhraseExpander lets you customize standardized documents, create shortcuts to websites, and it even fixes your typos.
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AudioEdit Deluxe
AudioEdit Deluxe does everything the developer claims. It probably does even more, but Mystiic Media has not taken the time to provide the user with information about cool things they can do with the product. ...

Titan Backup Video Review
Titan Backup at $39.95 can backup any type of file in different locations, on your computer or from a network location, removable disks, USB sticks, memory cards, FTP or media storage discs like CDRs or DVDs....

General Knowledge Base
General Knowledge Base is a Knowledge Management software for easy and effective management of all types of knowledge bases. In this video review Charles Akin takes a look at the functionality of the program....

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