Anti-SPAM Tools

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SpamBrave Lite for Outlook Express
A free Bayesian spam filtering plug-in for Outlook Express....
SpyStopper Pro
Block intrusive spyware, Web bugs, and other intrusive devices in real time...
Spam Preventer
Protects web site e-mails from being harvested by spam bots. The program al...
SpamKO Spam Blocker with exclusive Bayesian filter at
KeyGuard Hack Proof Security
Protect your self from Known and Unknown Security Risks Malicious Threats....
Despamious: free inbox from junk mail. Enterprise-grade antispam just for y...
GFI MailDefense Suite
Comprehensive anti-virus, anti-spam \& anti-phishing protection for SMB...
AVS Antispam
Stop a flow of irritating spam with suspicious content with AVS Antispam....
ChicaPC Shield
ChicaPC-Shield destroys malicious software and restores your PC in minutes... the File Extensions site!