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Other software from developer
MailBee SMTP
Fast and easy-to-use component for creating, sending and queuing SMTP e-mail
MailBee Objects
Set of COM objects for sending, receiving and managing SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 mail
MailBee IMAP4
Fast and easy-to-use component for accessing e-mail on IMAP4 servers
MailBee Message Queue
MailBee Message Queue is a background email sending companion of MailBee.
MessageCensor Component
MailBee MessageCensor is a COM to filter internet mails.
MailBee WebMail Lite ASP
MailBee WebMail Lite is ASP webmail application which supports AJAX and skins. U
MailBee.NET Objects
.NET classes which let your applications create, send, manage, download and parse mail. SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSL, S/MIME, DNS MX, anti-spam, HTML mail, attachments, international charsets, UTF-8, Outlook .PST and .MSG, secure login, proxy, mail merge.
MailBee.NET POP3
MailBee.NET POP3 enables .NET applications to receive, parse and manage mail on POP3 servers. Supports SSL, proxy, Bayesian spam filter, HTML mail, international charsets, embedded pictures, NTLM, GSSAPI, APOP, PIPELINING, winmail.dat (MS-TNEF).
MailBee.NET SMTP enables .NET applications to compose, mail merge, send to SMTP server (including Gmail and MS Exchange), submit to IIS queue, direct send without SMTP server. Supports HTML mail embedded images, proxy, NTLM, send web page, charsets.
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