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Artisan DVD/DivX Player
Watch DVD and play files in various video, audio, and image formats.
Sun CD & DVD Burner
Sun CD & DVD Burner can make backup data CDs, store large media files, and compile music CDs. It can burn and save whole ISO files as well as create multi-session CDs and erase re-writable CDs. The program also supports drag and drop.
Lord of Search
Search for songs and other media files on P2P networks, the Internet, or LAN.
01 Glory Player
Play video, audio, image files and search media files from P2P network
01 MP3 Finder
Search and download MP3 files from BitTorrent and P2P networks.
Advanced DVD Player
Watch DVDs and play audio, video, and image files.
AFreeConverter is an audio-conversion tool that converts and encodes WAV files to MP3s and MP3s to WAVs. You can batch-process several conversions at once and specify the bit rate for sound-quality control
AFreeRipper extracts digital-audio tracks from an audio CD into sound files on your computer disk. You can save CD audio tracks to WAV or MP3 files and convert or encode audio files between WAV and MP3 formats.
Kazaa Booster
Kazaa Booster is a small add-on application for Kazaa Media Desktop. It increases Kazaa search and download speed
Kazaa LimeWire Companion
Retrieve lyrics while you are downloading MP3 files from the FastTrack and Gnutella networks
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